If you love to sing and can hold a part, we’d love to meet you. We rehearse on Mondays at the University of Wollongong. Rehearsal time is currently 7:00pm until 9:30pm.

See below for details of how to contact us and how to find the rehearsal venue.

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Why sing?

Singing with others is wonderful therapy!

"… Put your real self out there and be heard ... group music making is truly empowering and should be an essential part of the human experience."

Dr Katrina McFerran, Academic and Music Therapist [Music.Play for Life]

"[Group singers are] much more satisfied with their health overall and their life in general than everyone else. … It's quite a remarkable find … and quite inspiring."

Professor Don Stewart, Head of Public Health at Griffith University in Queensland. [SMH]


Meeting us

If you would like to come to a rehearsal you can contact us by selecting the LEAVE A MESSAGE button on the HOME page. When you leave a message somebody will contact you. OR you can just turn up if you prefer.

Rehearsal Venue

You’ll find us at:
Creative Arts Theatre
Building 25 Room 107

CLICK HERE for interactive map

Under "Show All Building Numbers" click on 25 (Faculty of CreativeArts).

Building 25 is on the northern boundary of the Uni campus, and there’s plenty of free parking across the road (P5a).

It’s about the same distance from either the eastern entrance (off the roundabout at the corner of Irvine St and Northfields Ave) or the western entrance (off Northfields Avenue, west of the bus terminal). Each entrance has an entry booth, but it’s not staffed at night.

What happens next?

Initially we invite you to attend three rehearsals before you decide to apply for membership. (There is no charge for these three weeks). During this time you will be supported by the representative of your voice part, and may be asked to sing (with support) for the musical director. Please do not use strong smelling toilettries on rehearsal evenings. These can upset our singing voices and some people are seriously allergic to them.

Hard copy scores are provided to members of the Illawarra Choral Society for learning the music for each concert. Prospective members will be able to use scores while at rehearsals and after three weeks of attendance may apply to become a member. (See below). After paying their membership dues scores can be taken home for private study and use at rehearsals and performances. Please use only 2B pencils to mark in directions in the scores as they cost as much as $50 each and are often lent to other choirs. Ink and highlighters are not acceptable and the Librarian or others in the choir are happy to lend 2B pencils if requested.

If you then decide to join us you will be asked to fill out an application form which will include questions about:

Your application will then be considered by the committee and musical director. If accepted into the choir your annual membership fee will then become due.

What does it cost?

Membership fees are currently:

In paid work$200 a year
Concession$180 a year
Students under 25$60 a year

Annual fees are due by 31st March.

What will my commitment be if I join?

You will be given a copy of the Common Rules of the society before you join. When you join you will expected to abide by these.

You’ll be expected to attend rehearsals most Monday nights and you must let your voice representative know if you’ll be away.

There is usually at least one extra rehearsal in the week before a concert. You’ll be told about this as soon as the dates are known.

If you miss a rehearsal in the four weeks before a concert, you may not be able to sing in that concert, although a final decision is at the discretion of the Music Director.

It’s fun, it’s free for the first three weeks – and the music will sweep you away! We look forward to meeting you.


Photos by Lisa Enever: Home page and final rehearsal and performance of Messiah, December 2011 (Wollongong Town Hall)

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